Friday, May 27, 2011

Serving Before We Serve

The countdown is on! We are officially less than ONE month away from departing Atlanta and heading to Parque Este in Sevilla!! We are all thrilled to see our friends and are eager to meet new English Camp students. 

Before we leave home to serve an ocean away, we wanted to serve our community here in town. The team chose to support the Atlanta Union Mission and it's goal to end homelessness in Georgia. Among the many locations the AUM has, one of the largest operations is the Thrift Store, which is operated in Marietta near the Big Chicken. Our team met early last Saturday for a some fuel at a nearby Cracker Barrel and then headed over the the AUM Thrift Store. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Henry, a long-time advocate for the homeless. Henry is hard to describe if you haven't met him- he has the most amazing smile and happiness about him and has a genuine love for serving the needy. Even greater is his absolute love and devotion to the Lord. 

After an introduction to the Mission and a tour of the facility, we were ready to begin our duties. Henry introduced us to Vickie (pictured), the store manager, for our assignments. We paired up and took on the tasks of folding and sorting linens, cleaning pictures for sale and sorting, hanging and tagging donations. Michael took on the tough task of accepting the heavy donations and putting together donated furniture. 

All-in-all, the four hours we spent at the mission and with each other FLEW by and our time was up before we knew it. We were excited to head to Spain together in the first place, but after bonding with each other while serving on our home turf. We are so excited to head to Spain in 22 more days and can't wait to update you from Sevilla!!

Con amor, 
stephanie, arinn, carrin, joanna, kim, michael and thea

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